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How To Use Shoe Cabinets To Create More Storage? Best Tips And Tricks

How to Use Shoe Cabinets to Create More Storage: Every family needs such a shoe cabinets so that it can keep the place always neat and clean. You must be always worried and get angry on the mess of your shoes that create your place nasty all around. The best quality and best shoe cabinets can bring the proper shoe storage solution. You may get many types of shoe rack including multilayer, double cleaning shoe storage cabinets with doors system in our categories. These products can work as the best shoe organizer cabinets to organize your shoes in the best and proper way. So we will, later on, discuss, how to Use Shoe Cabinets to Create More Storage in this article. Shoe cabinets and shoe racks are perfect solutions to this problem.

What Is Shoe Cabinets or Shoe Racks Cabinets?

A shoe cabinets or shoe racks cabinets is a furniture piece or built-in storage unit which keeps pairs of shoes together and organized. Shoe cabinets are commonly found in an entry vestibule or closet of a home. Many shoe racks are used to prevent shoes from cluttering inside a hallway or foyer. For cleanliness, a shoe cabinets can be used to let wet shoes dry and to prevent dirt from being tracked further inside a home. Inside a closet or walk-in closet, shoe storage cabinets with doors can be built-in or wall units and is typically low to the ground for convenience.

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List Of Best Shoe Storage Cabinets With Doors:

Here you get a complete list of best products:

Type Of Shoe Racks Cabinets Or Shoe Cabinets:


Shoe Storage Bench:

A shoe storage bench is usually placed in the entryway of the house. There are two kinds of shoe storage bench, which differ from each other based on their style.

The first type of shoe racks cabinets is designed to resemble a usual storage bench that comes with a lid on top. The lid can be lifted allowing you to drop your shoes or any other item inside the bench.

The second type of shoe racks cabinets is designed specifically for storing shoes. It comes with cube-like shelve, each capable of storing only a single pair of shoes. The benefit of a shoe storage bench is that it provides you a seating place, especially while putting on or taking off shoes.


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Shoe Storage Rack:

A shoe storage cabinets with doors is a type of rack that comes with tiers or shelves for storing shoes. The rack is designed to be free-standing so that it sits close to the floor. It works well for storing fewer pairs of shoes. However, this depends on the number and width of the shelves.

A shoe storage rack may be built using wood or collapsible steel pipes and plastic connectors. Nonetheless, they have sturdy construction. Also, they can be easily placed in the bedroom, entryway, hallway, or any other corner of the house, depending on the size.

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Shoe Cabinets:

A shoe cabinets is a cabinet that comes with doors and shelves on the interior. They are designed to accommodate a higher number of shoes. Moreover, they are usually constructed using engineered wood with elegant finishing. Hence, they manage to enhance the overall home decor and can also be used for storing other items.

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Over-Door Shoe Rack:

Over-head shoe racks are considered as great options for those who have a lack of space at home. These racks are designed to be hanged over a bedroom or a closet door. They come with slots for putting shoes in while some of them are designed to include knobs, for hanging shoes. Over-door shoe racks are affordable and work well in small apartments.

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Wall-mounted Shoe Rack:

This is another type of shoe rack suitable for small apartments or dorm-rooms and bedrooms. In case of space constraint, wall-mounted shoe racks prove to be useful options. As the name suggests, these shoe cabinets are designed to be mounted on the wall. Hence, they take up a negligible amount of space.

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How To Use Shoe Organizer Cabinets To Create More Storage?

Regular Shoe Cabinets- 12 to 30 Pairs

Some regular cabinets are designed to be a shoe storage cabinets on the inside. Adjusting the height of shelves would help to accommodate the different sizes of shoes such as boots, high heels, and men’s shoes. Some have air holes for ventilation so shoes don’t get musty.

The best thing about the cabinet is that it’s an attractive piece of furniture that looks like a regular cabinet but functions as shoe storage. You can even put decorative items like a vase or photo frames on top.

Best for: Entryways, hallways, bedrooms, lounges.

Tilt-out (pull-down) Shoe Cabinets – 16 to 36 Pairs

If you have a lot of shoes, a pull-down(tilt-out) shoe cabinets is suitable for organizing your shoes and keeping them off the floor or giving you more room in your closet. It holds more shoes than the regular shoe cabinets of the same size, usually 16 to 36 shoes depending on the number of drawers or shoe sizes. Also, the tilt-out type is slimmer than the regular shoe cabinets, which makes a great option if you want to place the cabinet in a narrow hallway.

Most of this type of shoe storage cabinets does require assembly and can be hard to assemble. Unless you are good at assembling the furniture, we would recommend hiring a professional assembler.

Best for: Hallways, bedrooms, spare rooms or entryway, these cabinets can also be installed in a walk-in closet.

Over-The-Door Shoe Hanger – 12 to 36 pairs

The over-the-door shoe hanger is a simple but effective way to store many shoes neatly. It requires no assembly and simply hangs over a standard door or closet rod. Most of this type of storage has 24 pockets and you can store up to 24 shoes but each pocket may hold only one shoe. The pocket protects them from dust and damage.

Best for: Bedrooms with limited closet space, hallway cupboards – can also be used for holding other items rather than shoes if you wish.

Shoe Benches – 5 to 10 Pairs

Shoe Bench is incredibly handy for installing in your entryway to put away shoes as soon as you come indoors from work or walking the dog. You can also sit on it to put shoes on and take them off. Usually, benches require assembly but very simple.

Best for: hallways or entryway areas, Bedrooms

Under-The-Bed Shoe Storage – 6 to 12 Pairs

Do you need more space for shoe storage? You can utilize the extra space under your bed. under-the-bed shoe storage cabinets with four rolling casters allows you to slide it easily out from under your bed, and back again when you’re done. It holds six pairs of shoes, is very lightweight for easy maneuverability and very easy to assemble.

Another option for under bed shoe storage is a bag type. It has a clear plastic cover with compartments to store up to 12 pairs of kids and adult shoes. Your family’s shoes won’t get dusty, no matter how long you store them.

Best for: Under couches, big chairs, and beds.

Shoe Ottoman – 10 to 20 Pairs of Shoes

If you’re after shoe storage and extra seating for your lounge or bedroom, the shoe ottoman is ideal. The ottoman offers both a seating option to put your feet up, (or to put on your shoes) and when you lift up the cover…a designer shoe storage.  Nobody notices that shoes are inside.

The space inside is usually roomy.  It’s slightly pricier than the other options but requires hardly any assembly, simply screw on the legs and you’re done.

Best for: Lounges and bedrooms.

Shoe Hanger in Closet – Up to 30 Pairs of Shoes

One type of shoe hanger has a hanging shoe holder with 5 to 10 mesh pockets. It is a compact and narrow hanging shoe storage system that takes up minimal space. Some have complained that the compartment is too small, so the one with a bigger compartment would be better if you want to keep bigger shoes.

Another type is the sturdy shoe hook that can be hung over any closet rod to easily store shoes. It may allow only up to three or four shoes vertically, but it dries shoes and holds the shape better.

Best for: Homes or apartments with very little storage space in the bedroom closet.

Freestanding Shoe Rack – Up to 50 Pairs

The freestanding shoe rack is great for families who have a lot of shoes or someone who has a shoe collection. Since it’s stackable or/and expandable it can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Although it may not have the aesthetics of a shoe cabinets, for the price it’s lightweight, easy to assemble and take apart.

Best for: Closets, laundry or garage.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack – up to 18 Pairs

A shoe rack can be attached to a wall, usually either in a closet or entryway.  Or you can show off your shoe collection if you install in a living room or bedroom.

Best for: Closets, entryways, and garages.

Hall Tree – a few pairs

Hall Tree is not necessarily shoe storage, but the space-saving design allows you to fit all your entryway belongings in one place and also doubles as a bench.

Best for: Entryways

Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are a good way to store shoes since they are stackable. You can even use shoe boxes that come when you buy shoes. If you do so, you had better label it.  Clear shoe boxes are better to see through and look better.   Either way, the shoes may have a musty odor if they are stored in a box too long.

Best for: Closets and garages


Buyer’s Guide Of Shoe Racks Cabinets:

We already know that the shoe rack can serve to be a great display unit at your home. Hence, choose a shoe rack that comes with a stylish, elegant, and attractive design.

A shoe cabinets with a premium quality finishing will be able to enhance the aesthetics of your home decor when placed in your living room. You can also opt for a shoe storage rack or a wall-mounted rack with an alluring design, to display your splendid shoe collection.

The material used for the construction of the shoe rack is of prime importance. A shoe cabinets or bench should be made using high quality engineered wood. While a shoe rack made with good quality metal pipes and PP plastic connectors or stands will have a sturdy construction when assembled together.

Ensure that the metal used for the construction of the rack comes with an anti-rust coating. This will enhance the durability of the product. Many shoe racks also come with non-woven fabric zippered covers for protecting the shoes from dust and moisture. The covers also keep the shoes hidden from the view of people.

Storage Space
You must purchase a shoe rack with a storage capacity that is capable of storing all your pairs of shoes. You can opt for a shoe storage rack if you have a fewer number of shoes to store.

It can store up to 15 pairs of shoes depending on the length, depth, and number of the shelves. A shoe cabinets and a bench are capable of storing a larger number of shoes.

The size and dimensions of the shoe rack should be considered. A compact size will be much more convenient to fit in any corner of your home. If you have an issue of space constraint, you can choose to go for a wall-mounted or over-door shoe storage rack.

Know the measurements of the length, width, and height of the rack and each of its shelves. The shelves should be wide enough with a sufficient amount of spacing so that you can store all kinds of shoes including boots, flats, sneakers or heels. A collapsible shoe rack allows you to adjust the size of the shelf according to your requirements.

Cross Ventilation
Irrespective of the type of shoe rack you choose to buy. The rack or cabinet must come with gaps and grooves to allow cross ventilation. This ensures proper circulation of air for the prevention of humidity and odor. It enhances the life of your shoes while keeping it protected from dust and dirt.
Easy to Assemble
The shoe rack you buy, especially collapsible shoe racks should come with an instruction manual along with all the parts required for assembly. These include the pipes, plastic connectors, stands, and other required tools. The rack should be quick and easy to assemble, saving you from hassles, time wastage, and complications.
Multi-Purpose Functionality
A multi-purpose rack will be beneficial for storing other essential items as well. A rack that is capable of storing gloves, brushes, shoe polish is considered as a preferable option. Moreover, the cover which comes with the rack should have side knobs and pockets for storing keys and other accessories.
The type of shoe rack you choose to buy must be suitable for placement in the entryway, hallway, living room, alleyway, etc. You can also place the rack in your bedroom or garage. In case of space constraint, opt for a shoe rack that can be installed on the wall. An over-door shoe rack also works well as it is placed over the closet or bedroom door.
The shoe rack should have a sturdy construction that is built to last. Hence, also check for its warranty so that it is a reliable option to go for. The shoe rack should be made using durable and excellent quality materials. Moreover, it should come with a warranty period of a few months to a year or more.

Benefits Of Shoe Storage Cabinets:


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Some important features and benefits of a shoe racks in every home are:

A perfect fit for your home:

With the number of furniture units present, it might be difficult to accommodate a new unit at your home. Shoe racks not only keep the interior of a home clutter-free but can also show its magical effect on the exterior. Whenever, you find difficult to accommodate the piece in the interior of your home, place it in exteriors. It will not only create extra space inside but will provide a sophisticated and inviting look to your outdoors. So, get relieved while choosing the product.

Multiple functionalities of a shoe cabinets:

Nowadays, a lot of people have drifted towards the wooden furniture units. They are highly durable and are available in enormous designs. Similarly, a wooden shoe rack can easily provide multiple functionalities to your unused space. The product is perfect in every role, from its basic feature of storing the shoes to provide a comfortable seat. If you will place the unit inside, then go for a wooden one so that it can easily complement the other units already present. Moreover, a comfortable upholstery will allow it to be used in your living room for seating purposes.

An ample of varieties available:

Although, you can easily keep the rack in the interior or exterior of your home. But, if you are specific to the place to keep the rack, then you can exactly get the piece according to the requirements. While choosing the rack for your exterior, try to choose an open one that will not only give an elegant look but will easily fit in your budget. On the other hand, choose a closed cabinet, the one with a comfortable seat or a flat top for the interior. It will absolutely blend with your home decor by providing an organized environment.

Easy to maintain:

With a number of drawers and shelves present varying in height, the stand will easily house all your shoes without creating any hassle. Place them according to the height of drawers that can save a lot of your time while choosing the pair and arranging it.

Do shoe keeping helps in getting more space.

Yes. It is really helpful in getting more space if we arrange our shoes properly and will provide you with more space for other items at home.

How can we keep our shoes arranged at home?

There are many shoe organizer boxes and cabinets that will be helpful in arranging shoes.

How can we take care of expensive shoes?

A shoe cabinets and other products like shoe racks and cabinets help to take care of your expensive and dear shoes.

Where can you get the best quality shoe cabinets?

Generally, all types of shoe cabinets or shoe racks are available at different websites.


Here some home decoration tips you can follow. When it comes to caring for your footwear, you need to one shoe organizer cabinets. There are various types of shoe organizers available as per your needs. Depending upon the space availability at your home, you can take one shoe organizer cabinets and the number of boxes as per your need. A shoe organizer cabinets is a useful tool to take care of your favorite and expensive footwear.

How To Use Shoe Cabinets To Create More Storage? Best Tips And Tricks
How To Use Shoe Cabinets To Create More Storage? Best Tips And Tricks
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