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What is a CNC Wood Router and How Does it Work? Best 2020 Update

What is a CNC Wood Router and How Does it Work? Best 2020 Update
What is a CNC Wood Router and How Does it Work? Best 2020 Update

There are things in the universe that appear to have been preordained without any feasible explanation. The emergence of human life is one such enigmatic concept which scientists have struggled to explain since the inception of time. But something which can be explained is the artifacts carved by a CNC wood router, and this blog will take you through the different aspects and usefulness of this machine.

It is well known that the CNC wood router not only helps to improve the structure and profit of a small business but now are quite easy to handle and afford for your home use. These CNC wood machines seem to be a prototype electro-mechanical device with functions similar to the CNC machines used in the big industries. This has opened a whole new world of possibilities for beginners, professionals, and also hobbyists who love to carve and engrave astonishing artifacts from wood.

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Here you get a complete list of the best CNC router cutting machine or CNC wood router machine.

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What is a CNC Wood Router?

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CNC wood router is considered a prototype of the bigger CNC machines used in the industrial areas for cutting, carving, and engraving various materials. The CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which implies that these routers can be easily controlled by your computer and used for cutting various hard materials, such as wood, composites, aluminum, steel, plastic, glass and foams.

The CNC wood router may not be able to churn out the big figurines that a big manufacturer can but it can easily help in certain tasks of many carpentry shops like a panel shaw, the spindle molder, and the boring machine while also cutting through mortises and tenons. The CNC router for woodworking might seem similar to that of 3D printing as it supports the same types of computer files but works differently as it cuts and carves on the wood whereas a 3D printer prints figurines of your imagination.

The invention of the CNC wood machine dates way back to the 1940s and ’50s and with time it has gone through a huge technical development to meet the different needs of the people accordingly.

Types of CNC Wood Router

The CNC wood router has set the market ablaze with its features and functions which is loved by everybody who is in the engraving and carving business be it small or big and also by the hobbyists who like to experiment with their imagination and create many a great thing.

With the increasing demands, the CNC wood router has gone through some great changes over time as they were usually seen in the large industries but now it has become possible for any individual to afford it and make wood carvings of their choice. The CNC router for woodworking is now easily available and comes with lots of features to provide you with the perfect and desired finish every time.


CNC wood router machine:

The CNC wood router machine is similar to a 3D CNC machine as it can help you to carve 3D images on the wood with ease. This machine is quite effective and efficient in its work and provides great shape to your imagination. This CNC wood router machine is becoming highly popular among the masses due to the price range, assured quality, easy handling, precision, and accuracy.


CNC router cutting machine:

The CNC router cutting machine is a small CNC router which is designed specifically for the beginners to help them learn the process of carving and etching on various materials with varied densities. This CNC router cutting machine, being small in size cannot be used for making large carvings but is has the right amount of efficiency required to make small and medium-sized artifacts.


CNC router for woodworking:

The CNC router for woodworking is a small wood CNC machine which is designed specially to carve and etch your imaginations on a piece of wood. This CNC router for woodworking is considered the most common type of CNC router as it is capable of delivering accurate and precise finishes regardless of the quality, quantity, density, and dimensions of the wood.

Benefits of Using CNC Wood Machine:

If you work with thick wooden pieces and a manual machine for woodworking you will know how challenging and difficult it gets at times but with the introduction of the CNC wood router has helped to reduce the consumption of time while providing you with greater finished products without getting your hands dirty.

Thus relieving you of a lot of stress and tensions, other than this there are several other benefits that a CNC wood machine has which will for sure make you dump your manual woodcutter and force you to go for this computerized device.

  • The CNC router for woodworking is considered to be worth your investment as they come equipped with the right set of tools and accessories to make your work easier.
  • It reduces the time spent on a single artifact providing you with an efficient method for carving wood.
  • The CNC router cutting machine is designed especially for beginners and is available in different prototypes and different brands having the same function i.e. to help them learn the right way to carve and etch their imagination on wood.
  • The CNC wood router machine for home is easily available and comes with enhanced customization options to help users perform their desired functions.

How Does a CNC Wood Router Work?

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As explained earlier, a CNC wood router is similar to a CNC machine in its functioning and can be easily operated through a computer as it is capable of running on a series of pre-programmed commands. The working of these versatile devices involves a 3 step process that helps you to etch and carve wood with the right amount of accuracy, finesse, and precision.

  • You need to prepare a vector design of your desire on the CAD software as it allows you the power to create a 3-dimensional figure and also provides details on the rendering quality. 
  • The next step follows the conversion of the vector image to a G-code which can be performed through the CAM software. 
  • This G-code is then converted by a CNC control software into a machine language making it move and carve your image on the wood.

How to Clean a CNC Wood Router?

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To increase the life and running status of any device it is very important to maintain them at regular intervals. After a period of use like every other thing this machine also gets dirty and messy and if do not maintain it properly it can affect its long-term value and operating conditions. To avoid such instances and to ensure its longevity and productivity cleaning the CNC wood router becomes very important.

  • Depending on the model of the router, firstly, remove the external cover with the help of a maintenance kit provided with the router.
  • Try to remove the dry dust particles as they may create difficulty in the cleaning process while wet-cleaning.
  • Spray water to the casing to make the dirt and oil particles moist for easy scrubbing and removing process.
  • Clean the keyboard by spraying a degreaser onto the rag and gently wipe the keys but avoid direct spraying over the keyboard.
  • Then clean the dial with a cloth dipped in degreaser, remember to clean the dust and dirt not only on the surface of the dial but also in the gaps around the edges.
  • Clean the router’s screws to remove dust and stains to increase their longevity.
  • Remember to dry the water drops left on the machine to prevent it from rusting.

Some Interesting Facts on CNC Wood Machine

As it is evident that the world is becoming more and more dependable on technology, as are the demands of people rising to fulfill their desires the development of technology in the field of CNC machines has also grown over time and has helped to increase the productivity and accuracy of the carving process while also saving lots of time to enjoy.

  • To get desired cuts CNC wood machine provides multiple tools that help in the machining process.
  • The router cutting machine is a primary machine and usually moves in one or two axes.
  • A CNC machine for woodworking is capable of moving laterally in the x, y, and z-axis and can also have a rotational movement about one or more axes.
  • Some CNC machines are capable of flipping parts over which eliminates the need for any worker to flip the wood, thus allowing it to cut on all sides.
  • CNC wood machines provide more accurate and faster results than manual machines.

What is the Difference Between a CNC Wood Router and a CNC Engraving Machine?

The CNC wood router is a versatile piece of equipment that emerged to the scene in the 1940s and has become quite popular over time. It is a great addition to any workshop with people eager to carve out their imagination on a material of their choice and there are various CNC machines for wood that help those people who are raring to move forward with their carving and etching process. The  CNC wood router and a CNC engraving machine are two different machines having certain features that suit their area of working.

CNC Wood RouterCNC Engraving Machine
The former is commonly used for cutting through soft materials.While a CNC machine can cut through hard materials as well.
The spindle that comes with a CNC wood router can rotate up to 20,000 Rpm a necessity for low torque.While a CNC engraving machine runs at around 1,000 Rpm.
The frame and bearings that come with the former are not configured for high stiffness.While a later has greater stiffness making it ideal for cutting through hard materials.
The CNC wood router tends to offer more working spaceThe CNC machine that tends to work in a fixed axis.
This router is quite affordable and is considered a cost-effective optionWhile a CNC machine is quite costly.

Buyer’s Guide

Finding these routers that can meet all your needs of etching, carving, and engraving and suits you the best can be quite difficult and might give you a severe headache as they come in a variety of models providing a variety of functions.

These CNC wood routers come in varied shapes, sizes, and designs, and to choose the best, you can buy them from geekyviews which provides you with the privilege of choosing the product of your choice from an ocean of products with descriptions to reduce your tension of which one to buy?

  • Firstly you should know your priorities well and then set the budget you can afford.
  • Investigate properly the type of material you are working on and choose accordingly.
  • Design, size, and shape are on your preference as you will know better which suits you perfectly.
  • Look for the features it provides but keep in mind that a machine loaded with unuseful features is just a waste of your money so you should be wise while choosing the best one for you.
  • Choose the one which is easily operable, accessible, and has a low maintenance cost.
What can you make with a wood CNC machine?

It is a versatile computerized device that can help you to carve and etch a piece of wood quite effectively and easily also with high accuracy and precision. You can use it to make a paddleboard, kinetic sculpture, skeleton clock, elephant puzzle, stringed musical instruments, and several other creative things.

What software do I need for the CNC router?

The CNC wood router can be easily operated using some computer software which implies that you can sit back and enjoy while the machine does the whole work of carving the wood automatically. CAD and CAM are the most common software that these routers use, though you will find various other software that performs certain tasks but are classified under CAD.

What is the best wood CNC machine?

The best CNC wood routers are the ones that provide you with the best possible results while lowering the failure rate in the process, are durable, provides the option of multiple tools and last but not least should make your work easier and faster.

Can you make money with CNC?

Yes, you can make money with these machines. You can make wood artifacts using your creativity and run a business by creating and selling them or if you are adept in making CNC products you can join an organization that might provide you with a platform to show your skillset and earn money.

Is a CNC machine worth it?

If you are working with a manual CNC machine you will know the pain it carries but these machines relieve you of the tension of measuring and cutting as the process is automated and controlled by a computerized command which also lowers the failure rate and provides faster, accurate and better-finished products.


Culminating with increasing sophistication today where users can purchase the best ‘CNC wood routers’ development in the field of CNC machine has been massive and it is clear with the demands rising day by day. As this machine is becoming more and more easily available, it is high time that you buy it if you wish to maximize your profit and give your imagination a shape faster and deliver praiseworthy and satisfying artifacts that catch everyone’s attention.

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