Best Yoga Mats For Kripalu Yoga

Yoga mats  for kripalu yoga !! Stretching your body for different yoga postures is pure bliss for yourself. But there are few techniques or vitalities that you must follow to maintain a healthy fitness regimen. As Kripalu yoga emphasizes adaptability and acceptance, it is very useful to people who feel like they are outside the norm. It’s also popular for those who are looking for transformation during difficult times of life or who have injuries or other physical limitations.

Using a yoga mat during your exercise is truly one of them.  A yoga mat is a material base where you can stretch your arms and muscles to the far you can and when you feel tired, you just relax with a deep breath. Well, the situation can be just the opposite otherwise. Without any strong base, your legs or arms may slip off its balance and ultimately you have to spend more bucks for your medications.  You are going to find out about the Best Yoga Mats for Kripalu Yoga. Also, read about Kripalu Yoga, How To Do Kripalu Yoga and Kripalu Yoga Mats.

Speaking about Kripalu yoga Mats, here is a list of the Best Yoga Mats for Kripalu Yoga.

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Yoga Mats For Kripalu Yoga

About Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a version of hatha yoga with a gentle approach. It puts emphasis on meditation, physical healing, and spiritual transformation that overflows from the yoga mat into daily life. Over time people are trained to concentrate on their thoughts without judging and to accept and love themselves as they are. Kripalu Yoga is meant for people who want to improve their health both physically and spiritually with a sense of well-being. The gentle and customized approach makes it a good choice for a person who can benefit from an adaptive practice. This includes people with chronic arthritis, senior citizens, and people who are overweight. If you have never tried yoga before, Kripalu yoga is the right introductory practice for you. Read more about Kripalu Yoga here.

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About Kripalu Yoga

The practice of Kripalu yoga combines your physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. In addition to that, it improves your inner focus by reducing stress, anxiety, and hyperactivity. With the gradual practice, you will feel the increased relaxation inside your body. It helps to induce greater body strength and flexibility. The stretch results to increased blood circulation and in turn which has several positive effects. Good blood circulation improves your immunization power with increased endurance and stamina. In short, Kripalu yoga helps you to have a better quality of living.

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How To Do Kripalu Yoga

How To Do Kripalu Yoga

Before you start, it’s important to know that the main technique of Kripalu yoga is the way you breathe. Breathe as much deep as you can. Your whole body gets purified with this continuous process of inhaling and exhaling. Also as you advance in your practice, try to hold your breath for a longer period of time for better effectiveness. In a Kripalu class, each person learns to find his individual level of practice on a given day by looking inward. The sessions usually begin with pranayama and gentle stretches followed by asana practice and ultimately ending with final relaxation. For beginners, poses are held for a short time as students begin to feel the effects of prana in the body. The more advanced sessions include longer hold times and, eventually, flow. Below are a few of the poses practiced in Kripalu Yoga.

Frog Pose (Mandukasana)

The Mandukasana is a seated pose that effectively stretches the leg and thigh muscles, and increases their flexibility, and loosening the muscles around the hips. For Frog pose, sit with your legs folded outward and keep your knees as apart as you can. Your toes should be touching each other as you place your palms flat on the mat and tucked under your leg. Keep your back straight and hold the pose for at least 10 seconds.

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

Though it seems easy to Utkatasana, in reality, can work in multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It’s called the Chair pose because it mimics the structure of positioning yourself onto a chair, with your legs bent and your torso bent over at a 45-degree angle. Keep your arms raised, palms facing each other, and make sure to keep your back straight as you hold the pose.

Seated Angle Forward Bend (Upavistha Kunasana)

To practice Upavistha Kunasana, sit on the floor with your legs spread wide in front, toes pointed upward. Raise your arms and fingertips toward the ceiling, lift and extend your spine as you continue to slowly bend forward, arms extended sideward. Depending on your flexibility, hold your toes or your fingers around the outer part of the foot while you’re bent low, your gaze directed towards the floor.

Camel Pose (Ushtrasana)

The Ushtrasana, when done in the right manner, can relieve lower back pain, tone the glutes, and give a nice long stretch across the chest. Kneel with your knees at a hip-width distance, with your shins and tops of your feet touching the ground. Slowly lower your upper body backward so that your hands are grasping the soles of your feet or the ankles. If you cannot move your backward that low, then use a yoga block. It will provide the needed support for your back.

Hero Pose (Virasana)

The Virasana works wonderfully for tired legs and limited stretch or flexibility in the thigh muscles. It acts as an alternative to the Lotus pose when doing seated meditation. Try this pose by sitting with your legs bent either underneath you (with your buttocks resting on your feet) or slightly angled outward – so that your buttocks lie flat on the space between your feet.

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Yoga Mats For Kripalu Yoga To Buy

Kripalu Yoga Mats

Kripalu Yoga can be practiced on almost any mats be it PVC, Cotton or Jute yoga mats. If you wish to go for PVC mats then its better to go for the finest quality PVC material. PVC contains polyvinyl chloride, the smell of which is poisonous to your health, the reason you need the best quality PVC mats. On the other hand, there are no such worries for cotton or jute mat as both are absolutely safe and healthy though it may pinch your pocket a little bit. Jute and Cotton Yoga Mats are not usually very thick, these are thin. These mats act as a layer between your body and the floor.

While looking for Kripalu Yoga Mats, make sure you choose the yoga mat which best suits your needs. It’s advisable to invest properly in yourself and choose the yoga mat of the best and premium quality. Not doing so can make you choose the wrong mats and that can lead to serious injury problems. Below is a list of some of the Best Yoga Mats for Kripalu yoga which you can choose from.

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There are also a number of other Yoga Mats for multipurpose. You can look out for the other types of Yoga Mats here. Thus, this completes the article on the Best Yoga Mats for Kripalu Yoga. Watch out for other kinds of yoga mats used for different types of Yoga.

Read more about Kripalu Yoga here.

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