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10 Best Youth ATV Helmet In 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

10 Best Youth ATV Helmet In 2020 – Review and Buying Guide
10 Best Youth ATV Helmet In 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

Youth ATV helmet! Helmets save lives every day, especially for those who whose work and recreation with ATVs. Settling for less than the Best ATV Helmet could cost you your life. Do you have the best helmet for your protection? Here you will get to know how to choose ATV helmet.

10 Best Youth ATV Helmet In 2020 – Review and Buying Guide 1

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What Is ATV Helmet?

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ATV helmets for large heads are a form of protective gear worn to protect the head. More specifically, a helmet complements the skull in protecting the human brain. Ceremonial or symbolic helmets (e.g. UK policeman’s helmet) without protective functions are sometimes worn. Soldiers wear helmets, often made from lightweight plastic materials.
The word ATV helmets for large heads is diminutive from helm, a medieval word for protective combat headgear. The medieval great helm covers the whole head and often is accompanied by camail protecting the throat and neck as well. Originally a helmet was a helm that covered the head only partly and protected it from injury in accidents.

Benefits Of Youth ATV Helmet

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Here are some added benefits of the Youth ATV helmet apart from protecting your head.

Air will pass smoother over and around it due to its slippery surface and you will have lesser wind resistance on your face.
A bright ATV helmets for large heads make you more visible to traffic and that’s a good thing. Black helmets look super cool but bright ones give you the added benefits of popping up in the line of sight of a careless driver/rider.
Skin stays fresher
Only applicable if you are wearing a full-face helmet with its visor closed. It protects the skin from dirt and dust and honestly, even if you get sweaty, you don’t get as dirty.
Eyes don’t water as much
Continuous exposure to wind makes my eyes tear up if I don’t have a helmet causing itchiness. This doesn’t happen with a helmet.
No need to carry goggles
Applicable only on dual visor ATV helmets for large heads where the inner visor is tinted. Aviators and goggles look cool inside a helmet but at the end of the day, they are a hassle when wearing or taking off a full-faced helmet. Best to carry it separately and buy a helmet with dual visor.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Youth ATV Helmet?

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The youth ATV helmet needs to fit properly. That means don’t purchase a helmet with lots of free room to grow up. The headgear should sit snugly, even if you need to change the garment over time.

So do NOT pick a bigger size and in order to let your child grow into it. Until it fits wobbly, your kid is wearing a helmet that doesn’t fit them. This can bring more discomfort if the good slips off all the time.

The process of determining the size is as easy as pie. You just need a fabric tape to take some measurements. Start by measuring around the widest part of your kid’s head. It is an inch above your child’s ears and eyebrows. And that’s it!

Now you have to check the manufacturer’s sizing chart and match your results with their youth ATV helmet sizes. Keep in mind that various brands provide their customers with different sizing info. If the headgear you’re checking is DOT-certified, it has probably similar measurements to the rest of DOT-certified helmets. But of course, it’s better to double-check the size info.

In addition, most modern manufacturers of youth ATV helmet provide an option of swapping the helmet if the size is wrong. Hence, you don’t need to worry if you purchase the product online.

Tips To Maintain Kids Youth ATV Helmet

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You have to store the gear properly in order to keep it safe and solid for long. Avoid narrow places that can damage the helmet and leave scratches.
In addition, the ATV helmets for large heads should be securely placed so that it can’t fall down. As it may cause external or internal damage, making it out of use.
Don’t leave the helmet just on the floor or outside because it increases the chance of breaking. Make sure that the place where you’re going to keep the helmet is safe, dry, and spacious.
There are padded bags ATV helmets with goggles for youth available on the market, as well as storage racks and hooks, and a cabinet. You don’t need to order all of them, but you may consider purchasing one of these options that fit your family and living place. You’re about to invest in a firm helmet, thus, storing it wisely is reasonable.

Inner Parts Of Youth ATV Helmet And Working Procedure

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This is the shiny exterior of the helmet and is the first line of defense for your child’s head – essentially it is designed to spread and absorb an impact.

EPS Liner

Expanded polystyrene or EPS is the stuff that will make the difference between safety and injury (or worse). EPS is designed to deform and absorb impact.However, this will only work once.
EPS is compacted into several different densities – however, once it is compressed it will not revert back to its original position and therefore will not protect as well as before. This means if you’re kids have had an accident and the helmet took a heavy impact hard enough to deform the EPS liner, get a new one.

Comfort Liner

The padding inside the helmet isn’t just there to make the ATV helmets for large heads comfy – it’s designed purposely to keep the helmet from moving around in a crash and grip the head.

Face Shield

Some Kids youth ATV helmet comes with a face shield (or visor). Pretty obvious what this does – it stops stuff from flying in your face and hitting the eyes. Goggles obviously work to this effect.

Retention System

This is the fancy name for a chin strap – these are bolted to the helmet and all straps like the rest of the helmet are safety approved. Its job is to keep the helmet on the rider’s head.

Buyers Guide To Buy Youth ATV Helmet

10 Best Youth ATV Helmet In 2020 – Review and Buying Guide 7

Speed Of ATV Helmets For Big Heads

One of the paramount factors when selecting the perfect youth ATV helmet is the speed range your child is going to ride their vehicle. The headgear needs to match the speed your child is driving. The faster they ride, the more protection should be presented in the helmet.

Proper Fit ATV Helmets For Big Heads

A solid ATV helmet for large heads plays into the rider’s hands only if it fits duly. The last thing you need is a wobbling helmet that slips off your kid’s head when they’re on a seat. No matter what ATV helmets with goggles for youth you’re about to purchase, the gear should be fitted accurately.

To find the perfect size and fit of the desired unisex ATV helmets with face shield with goggles for youth, try measuring one inch above your kid’s eyebrows and around the widest part of their head. The headgear needs to fit snuggly and not wiggle too much.

Make sure that the ATV helmets with goggles for youth don’t pinch or hurt your kid as well. It might be extremely uncomfortable for a kid wearing a tight headgear. In addition, it’s not recommended to wear a ponytail when choosing a unisex ATV helmet with a face shield, but some children do so.

Visibility Of ATV Helmets For Big Heads

Visibility plays a great role in safety, particularly when it comes to children’s unisex ATV helmets with face shields. Your kid’s helmet needs to improve its own visibility in terms of how well other drivers are able to see your child on an ATV. But the little rider needs a decent vision when a helmet is on.

In addition, some models of kids and youth helmets don’t come in a full-face design. That means that you need to order some safety goggles as well. This will help avoid dirt and debris getting into your child’s eyes.

The Durability Of ATV Helmets For Big Heads

With no shadow of a doubt, durability is the upmost feature when picking the right helmet for your kid. Because the ATV helmets with goggles for youth has to handle any blunt force as well as regular wear. Neither should compromise your kid’s safety.

In fact, materials play a crucial role in terms of durability. Lots of modern helmets for children are made from heavy-duty plastic material with foam lining between the pads. That’s a great combination to add more safety while riding a wheeler. If you’re looking for high-quality kids ATV helmets with goggles for youth, you may also be interested in a fiberglass helmet or a carbon fiber one. However, heavy-duty plastic works fine, and it is the optimal option in most cases.

Standards of Safety of ATV helmets for big heads 

If you’re looking for a solid headgear, it’s better to choose a tested  ATV helmet with goggles for youth one. Thus, look for DOT-certified helmets, which stands for the United States Department of Transportation. DOT sets high standards for ATV helmets with goggles for youth ATV and bike helmets so the customers can be sure that the product is quality and durable.
You can also look for ECE Certification and Snell Certification that are grasped as trusted certifications as well. If the gear meets these two standards, it might fit DOT as well.

Style of ATV helmets for big heads

When it comes to kids’ entertainment, children crave for something catchy and brand new. Thus, you should also take this peculiarity into account as well. Children want a trendy helmet to brag about it with their friends. The youth enjoy fancy printings to be at the forefront.

Cost of ATV helmets for big heads

Buying a firm helmet may cost a good deal of money. There are dozens of pricey youth ATV helmet on the market, providing various features. Some models which are made for unisex ATV helmets with face shield professionals might cost up to several hundred dollars.
However, we found decent and budget-friendly options, suitable for both rookie and pro riders. So you’re able to pick the very one that fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Question 

Do kids have to wear a helmet in a side by side?

Will, my child be required to wear a helmet if s/he is in a car seat? Yes. The law states that passengers and the operator must wear a safety helmet while operating in an ROV. At this time, legislation does not allow a child seat to be a substitute for the requirement of the use of a helmet.

Do you need a helmet for a UTV?

It’s important to study up on the specific ORV regulations in the area you’ll be riding. Helmet laws for youth ATV helmet and UTVs vary from state to state, but the majority of states have them. The best bet is simply to wear a helmet whenever you’re off-roading to avoid any penalties for not doing so.

Can I ride my unisex ATV helmets with a face shield in my yard?

Unless it is a public nuisance (too noisy, raises too much dust, shines lights into the neighbor’s windows, etc), it is not illegal to ride the youth ATV helmet on private property. If a reasonable person would be seriously annoyed, harassed, or intimidated.

What is the reason for low-pressure tires on a youth ATV helmet?

Such as sandy areas or areas with loose dirt or gravel. If you’re going to be riding through a lot of muddy terrains, a lower tire pressure might be something to consider as well. With a lower tire pressure, the tire is able to grab on to the terrain better, giving you more traction in places you need it.

Are helmets required on unisex ATV helmets with a face shield in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, a helmet is mandatory for all riders (operators AND passengers) under the age of 18, with the following exceptions: On private land that is owned and controlled by the rider’s immediate family, a youth ATV helmet is not required.

How long do unisex ATV helmets with face shield tires last?

Youth ATV helmet tires typically last from just a few hundred to 4-5000 miles or more. How long they last depend on what surface you ride on, tire style, rubber hardness and quality, age, and a range of other factors. Expect 1-2 years if you ride a lot on the road, or 5-10 years if you keep off the road.


We have put together the youth ATV helmet all details for you, to save you the trouble and stress of trying to figure out which ATV helmet is best for you. Here you will find the best ATV helmet reviews with their strengths and weaknesses, pulled together from actual owners of these helmets. We will help you make a wise choice for what helmet will best suit your needs.

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